bhs42 (bhs42) wrote in explosive_crow,

Yeah, I adore Karasu. I'm totally in love with him. It's been this way for, like, three years. 

At first I figured it was just fangirl-obsession, but it hasn't gone away and it's different than "OMG HE'S TEH HOT I WANNA HAVE HIS BABIES!!" It's more like "OMG I TOTALLY LOVE HIS PERSONALITY!!!" Yeah. ^^0

I've created an entire family and past for him, and along with that goes his personality. It's a bit different than his canon personality, but still very Karasu-ish.

So, yeah.

I wish Yoshihiro Togashi hadn't killed him off. He was such a fascinating character. The series really could have benefited from his continued life, but, alas, it was not to be...But I do think that Yu Yu Hakusho would have been even better if Karasu had continued to live.

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I agree, he's a very interesting guy. I would've liked to have seen his character more developed in the series.

...And I just have to say he's incredibly sexy!
Isn't he? ^^ I love how he looks. His hair is GORGEOUS. And his eyes--!! *fangirl fangirl.*

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Ohh...Meeeeh...^^0 I have a phobia of cosplayers. Eh-heh. ^^0

Mostly this is because I never see good ones...I bet you see good ones. I always see fat black girls with boobs the size of their heads cosplay Envy, and that is just kinda...Whoa...
Meh. He would have had lots of chances to be even sexier if he had lived. ^^ The way he tore Kurama up in the end of that fight was totally hot, though. ^^

...Wow...Okay...YOU, my friend, are OBSESSED. With a capital K.