psycho_yoko (psycho_yoko) wrote in explosive_crow,

I'd say Karasu is my favorite villain from yyh. I like his style of clothing-that drapy trench coat thingy is cool-,that mask is very secretive and creepy, and his hair reminds me of a spider.It would've been a lot better if Kurama hadn't killed him,lol.

I'm guesing he's a Crow Demon?
And does anyone know of his personal stats: like age...crap like that?

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Deleted comment

That makes sense.

I like your icon,lol.
- points up -

What she said.

And....I love your icon! Faust VII!
Thanks, ^)^
Oh,is it also true that after Kurama killed Karasu that he forever haunts Kurama as a ghost? I heard that from someone..