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The intimacy that murderer and victim share is unparalelled...

As spirit and body separate...

Karasu fans unite!
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This is a community dedicated to Karasu from YuYu Hakusho, who seems to scare many people, but oh well. This is basicly an unofficial fan club, so go wild. Feel free to be creative! Show us art of any kind, screenshots, doujinshi (by you or anyone else), cosplay, stories, essays, things people you know have said, and whatever you can think of! It just has to involve Karasu. That is the only rule. Well, I also have a rule about starting fights. If you want drama, go somewhere else. I'm not saying that you can't post things about touchy subjects (I shudder to think of what us Karasu fans would consider "touchy"), because you can, but don't yell at anyone who does. This is a place of fun, freedom of expression, and all things Karasu, not uptight people fighting with eachother about things that just aren't worth fighting over. Am I clear? Ok!

Have a wonderful time! Watch out for the bombs!

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