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I'm Katie, and I created this community, so I guess I run things here... Mmyup... Forgive me for not sounding more professional, but creating communities has become more casual for me than putting on socks... This is the fourth one I've made.

I like Karasu, and so do some other people, so I made this so we can all share the love! I hope everyone has fun with it...

Have a great time, everyone!

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*glomps the bish*
You're brave! O_O *Laughs*
Noooo... I'm just an idiot without fear. At least online. >)
I love you for doing this =)
*Feels loved* ^_^
O_o I couldn't find my cursor on your page (black on black) Otherwise, yay, Karasu!
I'm hoping it's easy to see once you find it...

Oh, well, nice to have you here!
LOL that was the problem. My sister laughed at me while I searched for it. I'd find it on the red, then loose it again in the black. So I'd sort of follow where it should be with a finger on the screen until my finger hit the 'reply' button. XD It took me a full minute to get that reply button. I'll check and see how bad it is on mozilla. I was using IE.

Ohh mozilla it just stay's a hand. XD NICE! If you decide to change it, just make it red or white to match the rest of the page still. ^_~