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HI! :D I am new. I never knew there was a Karasu comm on LJ :O Until one day I got bored and started clicking on my interests to see what would pop up... o_o;

Anyways, yay. I've been obsessed with Karasu for... about four years now. When I first got my hands on the fansubbed DVD of the fight between him and Kurama, I seriously watched it fifteen times in one day. <3<3 I'm an avid Karasu/Youko n Karasu/Kurama fanatic. I really like Karasu/Youko more, but there is so little fandom with them... ;-; I've written notebooks full of fanfiction and drawn a looot of fanart.

WOOHOO! Karasu! ::runs out::
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Welcome! I hope you have fun here! That's what I made this place for, after all! -^_^-
Thanks! :D

NICE icon, btw. D:
Domo arigato! -^_^-

For some reason, people can't resist my silly Akira icon! X3 Well, lucky them, because when I get my paid account, I'm probably gonna make more silly Akira icons! XD
Woohoo! I so want to see XD Funny Akira icons are just so... out of the ordinary, I guess. XD

Having tons of icons is so fun. @__@
Heh, I guess they are! ^_^;

Oh, well... I have my own little odd approach to fandom as a whole! X3
O_O Wow... I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE! *le hug*
XDXD! *glompage*