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Karasu manga scans

Does anyone here have scans of the fight between Karasu and Kurama? I don't care if they're in english or not.

Cause today, I was talking about who I wanted to dress up as for Cartoon Day (School spirit day) and I wanted to be HyperGlowBlonde!Karasu. Except...well..I said that I didn't think that Karasu was school appropriate, and another girl said no, because he goes shirtless in the manga.

These are according to manga scans she's seen. I think she means a DJ, but I'm not sure. It's possible.

So, now I shall fervently hunt manga scans, and I thought I'd ask you all.

So, can anyone help me out here?
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I think she means in a doujinshi.
I have about 2 scans, but they're not much.
I'll post them tomorrow, i should sleep now.
He's got a shirt. Just get's lower and lower cut (or less and less buttoned?) as the fight progresses. Either way, it's not like you have to wear it unbuttoned in his most revealing frames. Just do it like the beginning of the blond!Karasu fight.


I like his hair better in the manga >_>

Seriously what was that about?
Hn, so she said you weren't allowed to be him for school reasons, but what does she come dressed as today? Karasu. Her mask sucks, and she knows nothing about the fabulous character he is.

-is pissed at her-
>> she was probably telling you that so you wouldn't dress like her.
evil *glares*
No, not Kat. (Whom is a poser anime fan, claims she knows so much about anime and stuff, has never heard of doujinshi. Dude, WTF.)

Rhianne told me about the shirtless thing.

But yeah, Kat came to school today dressed as "Karasu the assasin"......

Dude....He ain't an assasin. A whole bunch of stuff (Sadist, killer, almost-rapist) but assasin's a job. Not Karasu.

Just....erg. And yes peoples, her mask DID suck. Butchered a theatre mask, with prominent nose and lips. And shiny black. -stabs-

@athenazandrite: I love your Karasu icon. So cute!

@Nefariouskitten: Oooooooh SHINY SCANS!! Thanks for posting them.
She sounds bloody evil. I know people like that...
One more thing... Where are the scans?
Scans should be in....oh wait.


Craaaaaaap. I think I got Athenazandrite and NefariousKitten mixed up.....

They'd be in Athena-san's post. least... they should be....

(The world has we know it is on crack. Please check back later when it's sober.)